Hi, I am Serdar Soy.

I design & code ideas for web, games, mobile and VR. Here is a brief list of works I had done in the past.

Go School

An app to solve problems & view tutorials for the game of Go. Made for ─░stanbul Go School.

Avaliable on iOS and Android platforms. Designed and developed with Bener Bozkurt.

ios android unity c# firebase sgf

Aurum Green Touch

A sales and marketing application for a real estate project in the UK. Works on large signage touchscreens, iOS and Android tablets.

Along with the project presentation, clients can instantly reserve or buy properties. Sales managers can update property prices and other details using the admin panel within the application. The app is developed with the Adobe AIR platform and Laravel backend.

ios android touchscreen air

iGOA Website

I have coded this website for the renowned digital agency iGOA. Its unique design required heavy use of kaleidoscopic color blend modes even seen through the text, icons and logos.

After the initial designs are done, I worked with the creative director on how to implement it using the current frontend technologies.

javascript html css blend modes prototype


This is an AR app using regular business cards as markers which includes animated characters of the WIZIO team.

You can add each team member into your phone's contact list with a tap. A new year mode has been integrated for some extra fun. 3D models are designed by the WIZIO team.

ios android unity ar vuforia

Platinum Recruitment

I have worked on two job board websites for Platinum Recruitment, which specializes in hospitality and construction.

The website is fully integrated with Broadbean job distribution API.

php broadbean job search api

Tweep List for Twitter

This is a Chrome extension that adds an avatar menu to Twitter for quickly accessing user timelines.

Allows one-click access to user timelines. You can follow people easily without actually following. Syncs your list with your Google Chrome account. View the source code on GitHub or just get it from Chrome Web Store and try.

chrome extension javascript

Easy Window Resize

Another Chrome extension to resize your browser window with a keystroke.

Resizes the active browser window to one the predefined list of sizes. You can add and remove sizes in the window sizes list. As one user wrote, it "does exactly what it's supposed to, and nothing more."

chrome extension javascript